This letter is drafted for investors inviting to invest with Krishna World International’s Spiritual City project near Mysore, Karnataka, India. I hereby invite your investment in our upcoming spiritual city ventures within India and abroad. As you might already be aware, our Trust is building Spiritual Cities at several global cities.  Mysore project is unique in world and will spread over 1500 acres of land. Mysore project consists of several spiritual substances viz. They are elaborate Krishna Lila Theme park, 120, 80, 60, 40 feet wide roads, clean water lake, water park, Krishna museum, green meadows, internal electric train that connects various attractions of spiritual city, Monorails, helipad for chopper to Bangalore, financial services, multi-specialty hospitals, International schools, Sanatha ashramas, ashramas for retired and another dedicated to ladies, goshala, organic farming, granaries, solar electricity generation systems, bio-gas productions and a global spiritual home, the “Radha-Krishna Temple”.

   This investment proposal is about “how to invest with Krishna World International's project and it also deals with investment benefits from this venture as a Gauranga gold or Krishna platinum investor. We plan to commence project execution from April 2018 and this project will open for guests and pilgrims by September 2020 partially and fully by year 2022.

 You are cordially invited to meet our founder and personally discuss this investment proposal. Kindly consider investing with Krishna World International because we will facilitate excellent return on investments.  Inquiries about Krishna World Spiritual City project may please be emailed at

 Requested to confirm your interest at earliest and visit our temple for a personal meeting with our founder.                

 Return on all investments & Free life memberships

5 lakh up to 99  lakhs               5%      +      Laxmi M'ship -  worth 5 lakhs

1 Crore up to 99                      4.5%     +     Radharani M'ship - worth 10 lakhs

100 Crores  up to 499              4%       +     Balaram M'ship - worth 25 lakhs

499 Crores up to 1999             3.5%    +     Krishna M'ship - worth 50 lakhs

2000 Crores up to 10,000         3%      +     Nitai M'ship - worth 1 Crore

10,001 Crores and above        2.5%    +     Gauranga M'ship - worth  2 Crores

 Your money will be utilized for manifesting, and developing spiritual cities on this globe and giving thousands of spiritual jobs, food, shelter and clothing to the jobless, hungry, homeless, which are absolutely charitable services to humanity at large. Hence, best use of your hard earned money is to engage in pure spiritual charitable activities.  

With blessings of Lord Krishna!

His Holiness Krishna Chaitanya Swami

Founder / Chairman