Krishna Leela Theme Park

Swan Boat Festival

Every Friday, Saturday and other holidays, after 7 pm arthik, in the evening, the lordships ascent the temple Gajendra (elephant) to the swan boat for a ride with a gorgeous sankirtan. In the end of the swan boat festival follows colourful fireworks shoot out for the enjoyable of the Lordships and pilgrims.

Putana Horror Tower

KWI manifest a Putana horror tower, the tower takes pilgrims in a large lift to show the horrifying features of the rakshasi's (demoness) behaviour and bring them in an unexpected speed to the ground and bounce three times and halt.

Trinavrta Roller Coaster

There are thousands of roller coasters, but trinavrta roller coaster is the custom made to suit the spirituality, the ride takes riders to the sky and spin them like the demon trinavrta bring Lord Krishna to the sky, bring the pildrims up and down in a 60 km per minute, several rounds and bring them to the halt point. It is a thrilling experience.

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