Krishna World International

Overview about Krishna World International

Krishna World International ( KWI) is a public charitable trust with revolutionary goals and it is engaged in creating Spiritual Cities. First time in history of mankind such a magnificent project is launched for widest penetration of Krishna Consciousness and Spiritual life. It is envisioned and led by His Divine Holiness Krishna Chaitanya Swami who lived and served in United States for last 25 years. Our spiritual activities include promotion of Krishna culture for development of mankind through International Schools and Colleges, Hospitals, Publication of transcendental literatures, cow protection, living accommodations, producing energy from solar and wind resources, creating natural gas, producing organic vegetables for preparing food for visiting guests and pilgrims, granary to preserve raw food at least for 10 million people, sanatha ashram for children, old age home, women ashram, and Spiritual ashramas, Spiritual Entertainment Park and Enormous Radha-Krishna Temple for Worships. This gigantic city is better than any opulent and smart city although it is not like any modern city which is full of inebriety and glorification of illusion. Rather, it is a holy and spiritual city meaning Kingdom of God, and with Lord Krishna (The only Supreme Godhead) as pivot. A spiritual government is required for reawakening the lost Krishna consciousness of people submerged in modern material lifestyle. We also propose to emancipate the poverty stricken people ( BPL ) with proper education and health, etc. especially among tribal. We also propose to undertake many other activities for benefit of mankind across India and abroad.


Creating alternative resources for food, cloth, and accommodation and job as conventional modern lifestyle is essential. There are possibilities of industrialization and technology becoming self destructive. Said imminent crash of modern technology and scientific civilization is an eventuality. None of the modern governments are preparing an alternate lifestyle as a contingent plan for industrial and technology breakdown. Everyone is dependent on artificially created energies for personal happiness. With a little unfavorable blow of wind, the pleasure shall vanquish within no time. According to prediction, failure of modern civilization can happen anytime and it is the first consequence of next world war. It shall create an enormous difficulty to personal and global financial structure. This proposal of spiritual city in every state and town of India and abroad can save millions of life and provide food, shelter, clothing and water regularly. By using the present technology and science, KWI is preparing mankind’s future generations without depending on these science and technology.

Goal (problem being resolved)

Create happiness and serenity in human consciousness, children, adults, old man, females and young men by providing spiritual jobs, accommodation, health, food and fine education, and relationships. Purify the consciousness, create hygienic and spiritual environmental, develop spiritual and civilized classes of men and women for mankind. Also, live a happy life without anxiety and die without anxiety. Goal is to create spiritual city project in every town and state. Our goals may appear Utopian to people but we believe that this different spiritual lifestyle is possible, ideal, and very much desired. We shall offer varieties of job for minimum of 25,000 to 50,000 people in each of the KWI project.

Our Projects

A Magnificent Spiritual City Project

KWIs Spiritual City Project  at Mysore has an outlay of minimum INR 25000 crores ( 3.5 billion dollars ) and it is conceived at ancient traditional city Mysore, India, by Krishna World International. The founder​ believes this project will be the next wonder of ​world.

Radha Krishna Temple

Unique and magnificent Radha-Krishna temple will have 7 altar in a line to be worshipped. This amazing and enormous 7 altar temple is the first of its kind in the world and is conceived by a grand disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

Bhaktivedanta University

The purpose of Bhaktivedanta Swami University is to contribute spiritual education. Goal is to create perfect theologists, scientists and philosophers, perfect administrators, farmers and cow protectors, and perfect employee class. The followings are the KWI's own syllabus. Fluent Sanskrit, English, Hindi and Kannada language. Other subjects are  Theology, Farming and Cow protection training, Management training, self-defense training, Art and Music training, subject of Vegetarianism, mainstream technology as long it is available, etc. Krishna World International organization will offer job after the completion of students graduation. No outside job has to be sought by the graduated BSU students. BSU follows the principle of equality in diversity regardless of background or circumstances.